Kem5 x Ironlak x The Cypher Shop

September, 29, 2013

Looking through my archives I found some fresh photos from last summer. In 2012 I had the opportunity to spend a couple days with one of the best writers in the game, Kem5. Famous for his detailed out of the box style and whole car madness, he flew to Denver for a two day painting exhibition. Kem5 is unique not only in his technique but also in his mentality and attitude towards all aspects in life. To him anyone can do and acomplish anything but it’s all about how much you are willing to put in. It was dope to shoot someone so detailed in his work and life and I wish him the best in his future ventures. Here are a few snapshots of the days events, stay positive my friends.

1KemStartF 2KemCloseupF 3Lak 4KemRoofsizeF 5KemBackF 6Kem3rdshot 7KemPieceF