Denver is Pretty Sweet: 2013 Girl/ Chocolate Tour hosted by 303 Boards

June, 23, 2013

Skaters of all ages lined up around the block to attend the Pretty Sweet tour this past Tuesday at 303 Boards. It all started off with a meet and greet with fans and the riders. Let me just say that I have never seen so many autographs signed in such a short amount of time. One moment that stood out was when Mike Carroll was asked to sign a Coors beer can, got to love the fans. They then switched gears and made their way to the Arvada Skatepark for a killer session. The skating was on point and the riders put in mad work laying down great tricks. It all concluded with a pushup contest and product toss for their energetic fans. When it was all said and done everyone left with smiles on their faces and with memories that will last a lifetime. Check out some photos of the tour here and be sure to visit for even more flicks of that day. Be sure to follow the team and  track their continuing US tour by visiting If you’re on Instagram follow @303boards and @crailtap for your skateboarding needs.


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